Study Title

WITH~USS: Women’s Independence Through Health ~ Universal Screening Solutions


Elucidating the Barriers and Facilitators to Breast Cancer Screening: Gaining Perspectives of Women with Physical Disabilities and their Health Care Providers


This study is being conducted in partnership by The University of Florida, College of Public Health and Health Professions & The Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida

Funding Agency

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (#POP0600205)

Funding Period

2 years ~ May 2006 through May 2008

Research Team Members
Ellen D. S. López ~ Principal Investigator, UF William Kennedy ~ Consultant, CILNCF
Eva Egensteiner ~ Project Coordinator, UF Mary Ellen Young ~ Consultant, UF
Elena Andresen ~ Co-Investigator, UF/VA Vijay Vasudevan ~ Grad. Research Assist, UF
Lisa Hannold ~ Consultant, VA Melissa Lanzone ~ Grad. Research Assist, UF
Study objective

To better understand how living with disability impacts how easy or difficult it is for rural women to receive regular breast cancer screenings (including mammography, clinical breast exam and breast self exam) as nationally recommended.

To assess how feasible and beneficial it is for women with physical disabilities to use the Photovoice method to “Photo-Map” a health care visit.



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