Research Team Members

Miranda Bowers, BSN RN

Miranda is a student at the University of Florida in the College of Public Health and Health Professions. She is a student in the Masters of Public Health program with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences. As a member of the WITH-USS research team, Miranda hopes to contribute to the study so that our findings will help women with physical disabilities have better access to breast cancer screenings.

Miranda graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing. While at FAU Miranda was the Vice President of the Student Nurse Association and a member of the International Nursing Honor Society. She was involved in organizing health fairs, clothing drives and volunteered at a free clinic. She currently works as a Registered Nurse in home health care. Her previous work experience is in the hospital setting in Medical/Surgical and Oncology units.

After graduating from the MPH program, Miranda would like to once again work in the hospital setting. Her goal is to monitor and prevent hospital-acquired infections by educating patients and staff.

Eva Egensteiner, MA, CPH

Eva is the research project coordinator and photomapping coordinator on Dr. Ellen Lopez’s Susan G. Komen Breast Health study (WITH~USS). She has a background in photography, video production, cultural anthropology, ethnographic film, Africa studies and, most recently, public health. Eva is interested in the socio-cultural factors that affect health status and in innovative methods to utilize photography and video to improve health. Dr. Lopez’s research project is particularly interesting as it involves a Community Based Participatory Research (CPBR) approach and collaborative photography production with study participants.

She completed a Certificate in Public Health (CPH) in 2006 and plans to continue graduate work with a concentration in social and behavioral science, focusing on health communications and underserved populations. Eva holds a master’s degree in visual anthropology from the University of Southern California, where she produced an ethnographic video based on research conducted in Eritrea, Africa, which is currently in distribution. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University where she studied photography and film.

Eva also currently works as a video and broadcast producer in the Office of News and Communications of the UF Health Science Center. In this capacity, she produces video projects for a variety of promotional purposes, as well as television news pieces for national release. A recent capital campaign video she produced and directed for the UF College of Medicine won First Place in the 2007 Golden Gator awards. Additionally, she writes scripts for the nationally syndicated NPR health radio program, Health in a Heartbeat.

Eva has worked in the field of video and multimedia production for twenty years including documentary, educational, news and features, for such clients as WNET, WTTW, NOVA, The Discovery Channel, The Art Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University. She has also worked as a set photographer on commercial film and video productions, and as a digital photographer for the Museum of Natural History in New York City. She is committed to applying this range of experience in communications to the important field of public health.

Elizabeth “Lisa” M. Hannold, PhD

Lisa is a Research Health Scientist at the VA Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Center (RORC) of Excellence, located at the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Gainesville, FL. Dr. Hannold is a 2004 graduate of the University of Florida’s Rehabilition Science Doctoral (RSD) program. She is a Courtesy Lecturer with the Behavioral Science and Community Health Department at the University of Florida’s College of Public Health and Health Professions. Dr. Hannold has both personal and professional experience in meeting the independent living needs of people with physical disabilities. As a former independent living center program manager, Dr. Hannold has 12 years experience in meeting and advocating for independent living and health-related services, and the rehabilitation-to-community transition needs of consumers with physical disabilities.

As a person with a severe neuromuscular disability who has been both a consumer and provider of disability-related services, Dr. Hannold maintains a unique understanding of the rehabilitation, health and independent living needs of persons with disabilities. She has conducted numerous disability awareness trainings and presentations for professionals and the general public. Dr. Hannold currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida, and the Citizen’s Disability Advisory Council for the City of Gainesville, Office of Equal Opportunity.

Dr. Hannold’s teaching interests include the psychosocial aspects of disability and rehabilitation. Her research interests include use of qualitative methodologies, empowerment in rehabilitation, the psychosocial impact of emerging rehabilitation treatments and technologies, and meeting the independent living and employment needs of veterans with severe disabilities. Dr. Hannold’s research has been consistently funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) since a 2002-2003 Pre-Doctoral Associated Health Rehabilitation Research Fellowship. She is currently funded by a VA Rehabilitation Research Disability Supplement and serves as a Co-Investigator on three other VA-funded grants.

Dr. Hannold’s work has been published in the journals Physical Therapy, the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling. She also has a manuscript in-press for the Journal of Health and Human Services Administration.

Melissa Lanzone

Melissa is a student in the Public Health and Health Professions College pursuing a Master’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. As a member of the WITH-USS research team, Melissa hopes to gain skills and experience working within the disability community along with insight on the limitations women experience in receiving breast health screening. For years, Melissa’s passion and volunteer efforts have focused on cancer related causes, as such she is very excited to be taking part in such an important study.

Melissa received her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Advertising/Public Relations with minors in Anthropology and Psychology. During her time at UCF, she was the student director of Get Cared, a program developed to promote and educate individuals about organ and tissue donation. She also conducted extensive research and program development for Pledge for Pints, a program that encouraged student organizations to join forces in increasing the number of blood donors.

After earning her MPH degree, Melissa hopes to continue her studies in Medical Anthropology. Her ultimate goal is to work with under-represented individuals and communities to tackle the many public health concerns that affect daily living and survival.

Vijay Vasudevan

Vijay is a student at the University of Florida, College of Public Health and Health Professions working on his Master’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Social Behavioral Science. Working as a member of the WITH-USS team, Vijay hopes to gain experience in working with the disability community. In addition, he hopes to learn the motivators and barriers of women with physical disabilities to receiving breast cancer screenings. Vijay has experience working with individuals and communities on an array of issues.

Vijay received his Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from the University of Florida (UF) with a Minor in Chemistry. He continues his research work on the Family Health Self-Empowerment (FHSE) project as a research assistant. Conducted by Dr. Carolyn Tucker, a Distinguished Alumni Professor in the Psychology Department at UF. As an undergraduate, Vijay assisted on a study, conducted by Dr. Bhuvaneswari Dandapani MD, that explained whether or not diagnosed with a CVA (Cerebraovascular Accident) or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) different levels of diagnostic screenings, treatment regimens, and amount of education received.

Upon completing his Master’s program, he hopes to pursue further education and career opportunities in an aspect of health. He ultimately wants to make an impact on improving health and QOL.



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